OpenVPN client breaks inbound access to DMZ server

On my router, I have configured an OpenVPN client (connecting to PIA), which is working well.

I have also connected a NAS server to one of the routers LAN ports. I want to access some services on that server from the Internet. This works well too - if the OpenVPN client is NOT running.

So the problem is: If the OpenVPN client is running, I cannot reach my server from the Internet. How do I rectify this?

My router is a Linksys WRT3200ACM with OpenWrt 18.06.5.

I have searched for solutions and fiddled with switch settings (separate VLAN for NAS server) and firewall settings (zone settings), but to no avail.

I started out with this brief description. Of course, if necessary, I can give more details to assess the problem.

You can bypass the VPN with a pair of rule-route or by installing VPN PBR.

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