OpenVPN Blocking LAN, Internet Access


I configured OpenVPN as outline here, But ... as soon as I restart the service, or manually run openvpn (using this config file), I lose access to the OpenVPN interface (CLI or GUI), and as well my internet access is gone. So no logs or debug capability ... :frowning:. Can't even ping the openvpn IP (and get a response).

I do see that DHCP still works, I still get an IP address => just can't get to the GUI/CLI or internet.

Any suggestions?


uci show network; uci show firewall; uci show dhcp; uci show openvpn
ip a; ip r; ip ru

Will do! Do that before trying to run OpenVPN, right? I say that because once OpenVPN is started => no access to CLI or GUI.


Check if you regain the access this way:

service openvpn start; sleep 10; service openvpn stop
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Yes! Lose access during that 10 second period ... then it returns. And the logs show ... issue between the keyboard and chair (i.e. me) ... LMAO. Thanks! Because I could get to the logs I found that I had an IP address conflict - missed that, sorry!

So close, not quite there - DNS is not resolving, I have all traffic redirected, but DNS is not getting forwarded. Thoughts?


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Got it - and working now. Thanks so much for all the help. Much appreciated!!!

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