Openvpn basic missing network/firewall passages

Hi, i've tried to configure from scratch an openvpn server but the basic guide is missing the first part.
I've tried to follow the two links of network and firewall but i couldn't extrapolate the required setting to proceed with the guide.
I would be really glad if someone could help me resolving this.

No, it's fine, see:

uci set firewall.@zone[0].device="tun0"

This way you assign VPN-interface to LAN-zone.
It's because of that issue:
OpenVPN client tun adapter loses its IP address on network restart

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Thanks for your response.
Yes but that interface shouldn't be configured first?
I remembered from a previous guide that i've declared a tun0 interface under networks->interfaces before setting up but now i couldn't find it anymore on the openvpn page.

No, it is not managed by network service in any way.

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Thanks, sorry to have bothered you the warning make me believe that i needed to configure something and i did get a CRLF error when i did try to run the script at first.

The warning i did get.

Warning: Section @zone[0] (lan) cannot resolve device of network 'vpn'
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