OPENVPN as Client Please HELP ** URGENT

Hi Guys,

Wondering if you can help me. I'm fairly new to OpenWRT so please bare with me.

I currently have PfSense installed on one of my servers which i use on one site to do all the routing & internet connectivity (lets call this Site A). I have clients which are able to connect to this fine using the OpenVPN client software on PCs at Site B.

However, rather than getting all individual PCs connecting per machine to this OpenVPN Server, I would much prefer to have the router/firewall as Site B be able to connect all the LAN side of Site B to Site A on some sort of Site-To-Site VPN.

I have currently bought a D-Link DIR-615 which i will using as the ONLY router at Site B. I want help configuring it to connect to Site A's PfSense server running OpenVPN so Site A & Site B can act as one big LAN. I know this is possible with DD-WRT but I don't want to have to resort to that so i'm wondering if somebody can give me an idiots guide to doing this with OpenWRT as i'm aware this is all CLI based.

If you have any questions just ask!

Thanks in advance.

I don't think this device will be very may even crash trying to stand up an OpenVPN tunnel.

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Thanks for the quick response! Sorry, I probably should have mentioned...the D-Link DIR-615 will only be for testing purposes to see if i can get this up & running. After a week or 2 if this works, I will probably be getting a BT HomeHub 5 Type A as it has much better Wi-Fi Capabilities. I have tried to follow some guides online, but find this difficult as the CLI doesn't give any feedback when executing the commands. Also, when i reboot the system, it seems all my changes are gone. I'm wondering if somebody can give me a step-by-step and if i encounter any issues I can question it. All the links which are being provided are confusing as they all have different methods & don't apply directly to the DIR-615 or even reference PfSense.

Can you give me some steps on where to start?



Thanks for the links. I like the idea of the 2nd one where it mentions running it from the RAM. Although, this isn't specifically applicable to the DIR-615 & doesn't reference PfSense. For example, when exporting OpenVPN Config from Pfsense, the only output files it produces is a .ovpn file, a .crt file & a .key file. However these guides reference a .pem file or .prm file which I don't have.



That proves your device is not suitable for the given task.
It likely requires comprehensive debugging and adapting the guide for specific OpenWrt version and device model.
So if you can't follow the guide about installation into RAM by yourself and perform the necessary actions mentioned above, the goal becomes almost impossible to achieve.