Openvpn anti dpi

hi my vpn did.nt work on a certain isp it connect for 1 minute and boom DC again..
somehow my firned said there's an DPI on the isp ...

is there a config for anti dpi....or how well my vpn bypass the DPI

OpenVPN, despite being based on OpenSSL (and even when on TCP 443) still has a characteristic 'signature' that is easy to detect with DPI. Beyond this, some firewalls will shut down 'long lasting' connections even if they cannot determine exactly the nature of the packets -- this type of temporal based disconnection might also be part of the equation, especially if they are specifically trying to make VPNs unusable.

There are methods masking/obfuscating the packets to avoid detection with DPI, but your VPN provider would have to support it, too, so it is not something you can do unilaterally. If you have control of your VPN service/endpoint (such as a personal or cloud server that you control), you might checkout stunnel and/or shadowsocks.

Good luck.