Openssl 1.1.0 & 4.19 kernel

When are these to be merged into the master branch? incredible that a edge branch is missing on both the latest (and long term stable) version of openssl support TLS 1.3 ... also not much sight of the 4.19 kernel again another LTS !

We're happy to accept your contributions. Send in patches, open pull requests on Github, ...

Or did you just want to vent? If so... You really should start blogging.

To give your topic a smidgen of usefulness: look through the mailing lists for the past few weeks, and you'll see 4.19 is being prepped. That's no small feat. But you surely do know that bringing several non x86 targets up to a newer kernel is exactly that - not just a walk in the park. Or don't you?

And it turns out I forgot the OpenSSL bump as well :slight_smile:.

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Actually about openssl the commit is prepared... We are waiting for package to be patched for deprecated api of openssl...

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We? The OpenSSL PR(s) have been open for months with lukewarm reception at best with no real roadmap or requests of what needs to be done before merging. Eneas Queiroz and others have done a great work getting it into shape and it would be nice if there was some kind of feedback about it.

All members are volunteers more or less so personal interest is prioritized and may not align with everyone's view. There's work on getting 4.19 in the tree and some platforms already have support although not enabled by default as 19.X is yet to be branched and has 4.14 as a requirement (see openwrt-adm mailing list).

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Bumping OpenSSL was not exactly a priority yet since a) base does not use it by default and b) it introduces massive, backwards incompatible api changes requiring a lot of patching c) 1.0.2 is already LTS and supported until 12/2019.

@hauke and me at least were occasionally following the status of this pr but so far I didn’t have time to look into it.

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With the right attitude, my friend, that reads as 'the community'.

no venting just asking the community :wink: ... as I see the Openssl on git waiting for months ...also noticed the 4.19 patches coming online but no sight of an actual option to install.

Dropping a few lines doesn't hurt even if it means that X won't be handled within several weeks or longer. I think the "complete" silence is what's making people a bit anxious and impatient. Given recent discussions GitHub should probably be dropped if its being overwhelming / payed little to no interest which I guess would help overall communitcation.

You can, but you need to manually change the kernel version for the platform (if supported).

Just to chime in, I tested Sunxi from Hauke’s staging branch for a 4.19 kernel on an Orange Pi Zero and it worked just fine. In fact I was able to get the WiFi working (though not well I might add).

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