OpenSSH key ed25519 under LEDE v17.01.4

Hi there !

New comer on LEDE Project i installed it on my brand new Linksys WRT3200ACM... So cool :wink:

My question is : can i use an ed25519 (521bits key long) like under Debian ? Is it possible to create one as well ?

Thx for yur return


LEDE disables ECDSA support in Dropbear to save space. :frowning:

The number of routers that have small amounts of flash are disappearing though, so I hope more "full" LEDE builds will prevail.

In the mean time you will have to ask for a dropbear package to be built with all support added. Similar to "wpad" and "wpad-mini".

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...or simply build that package yourself, the build setting is exported as accessible config symbol.

Hi folks,

Thank you for yur help.

Maybe i'll try to buils such a package when i feel more comfortable with all that stuff... :wink:

Another alternative if you have adequate flash memory is to install the OpenSSH packages which do have support for ECDSA.

I found a mod of dropbear, but I don't know how to use it.:sob: