OPENNDS Splash Page-Keeping it simple

I'm helping set up a splash page for a friend's restaurant in Mexico. He wants to keep it simple. One page with his logo, brief disclaimer and some restaurant FAQ's. I set up the legacy splash page knowing its deprecated but is very close to meeting his needs. However it goes to a status page after the continue button is clicked. Is there a way to bypass the status page(s) and just authenticate and close the splash page, continuing to the internet?

Looks as though you can specify a custom status page

Perhaps you could use this to close the page immediately on load?

The legacy splash page is no longer supported in 9.0.0

Have you tried migrating to the basic dynamic splash page?

I went back to try the basic setup. As I feared there are 6 pages to click through(including the terms of service). This is overkill for what I am. trying to do. I'll try to bypass out all those pages (and clicks) in the basic shell script without rendering it useless.

It looks as though if you use

option login_option_enabled '3'

You can specify a custom theme script

option themespecpath '/path/to/themespec_script'

You use theme_click-to-continue as a base and customise it to your requirements.

This is entirely a function of the user's device, not openNDS.
Most user devices will almost immediately close the login/continue page once clicked and they will either see nothing of the status page, or perhaps just a glimpse.
Devices like laptops might continue to display the status page, or they might not - all depends on the device operating system.

OpenNDS serves a splash page sequence before access to the Internet is granted for the purpose of enabling the venue to show info or advertising.