OpenNDS redirect page after Click

Hi Everyone
I have installed this package stated in the subjet of this topic. My router has this ip
When I use my pc/laptop with firefox to login into this wifi hotspot I follow these steps





4 and finally i got this last page (I don't want the page status.client)

As you can see I disabled this:

# GatewayFQDN
	# Default: status.client
	# This is the simulated FQDN used by a client to access the Client Status Page
	# If not set, the Status page can be accessed at: http://gatewayaddress:gatewayport/
	# Warning - if set, services on port 80 of the gateway will no longer be accessible (eg Luci AdminUI)
	# By default, the Error511/Status page will be found at http://status.client/ by a redirection
	# of port 80 to http://gatewayaddress:gatewayport/
	# Disable GatewayFQDN by setting the option to 'disable'
	# ie:
	option gatewayfqdn 'disable'
	# Alternate Useful Example:
	# option gatewayfqdn ''

Per example After the 3 step I would like to go to ""

I remenber I used to config it but in the old opennds

option redirecturl ''

Does someone know how to do it?


@bluewavenet would know, but simply altering the url for the continue button should suffice....

This was deprecated a very long time ago because it was no longer supported by the CLIENT device.
By client device, I mean a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or even a desktop machine.
On detecting a captive portal, all modern client devices open a special browser window.
This process is called Captive Portal Detection (CPD) and is a de-facto standard developed and evolved by Google and Apple over many years.
This special browser window should pop up automatically when the client connects to the public network.

The client user can then "authenticate" in what ever way is required by the captive portal, in this case by clicking a button.

The CPD standard requires this special browser window to close immediately when an Internet connection is detected (this is done for security reasons, mainly to minimise MITM attack possibilities).

So clearly, redirecting somewhere else after authenticating will not work for fully CPD compliant client devices.

Just about all client device operating systems support CPD, including Windows and all Linux distro's.
Most "desktop" browsers (eg Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) also have built in CPD, most enabled by default, but sometimes not. These browsers are the exception to the "no redirection" rule and this is why you are seeing the status.client window/tab (or in your case the failed attempt to load Luci from browser cache as you have disabled status.client).

TLDR: option redirecturl was deprecated and later removed from the codebase because it does not work.

As @frollic says, you could make it work on your computer in Firefox if you edit the html of the continue button, but this will only work in this very limited case of YOUR computer running Firefox.

Anyone connecting using a mobile device will see the CPD browser close.