Opennds https protocoll


How can I configure OPENNDS to use the https protocol?

My router's ip address is: (LUCI webpage)
Opennds is httP:// (OpenNDS webpage)

If I type plain https opennds if I type https loads openwrt

How can I configure it so that the opennds login interface is always loaded? If the opennds interface is loaded without https, can the https openwrt admin password be decrypted? Or are the two separate without compromising my password?

You cannot as openNDS will not use an https FAS on an RFC1918 address, because if it did, users would get a dire security error when they tried to connect.

To enable an https authentication server (FAS), that server must be hosted on the Internet and have valid TLS certificates.


I don't understand this. So, without the https protocoll the program is just as secure? Is it unnecessary to switch it on FAS? The FAS server need to only for user authentication, right?