Opennds | Captive portal with user and password

Hi Everyone
I have installed this package in my router but I have a problem. When I want to deploy a login page as I stated in the subject about this topic, it to hard to me to understand how to do it. I remember in the past that It was easy to do. Could someone help to do it?

tried ?

I tried everthing :frowning_face: :cry:

wow, that's as vague as it can get, and you haven't, then you'd have had a working setup ...

Do you want commercial help, or just want someone to do your schoolwork for you? /s

Clearly not. @frollic already pointed you at the documentation.
To be more specific:

It is very simple, basically edit the html in a script, either (b)ash or php are supported in the examples provided, but you can write in any language if you wish.

You could try telling us what you have tried and what the result was......