OpenConnect Firewall test

Hi There,

I have following config...

To connect to my home network I installed OpenConnect with help of this tutorial

I would like to give IP adresses from on.
I think I'm blocked at the firewall, but I'm not sure.
I use a NOKIA 8 android device and OpenCoonect client from the play store.

root@OpenWrt:/etc/ocserv# grep 'auth =' ocserv.conf.template
auth = "certificate"
#auth = "pam"
#auth = "pam[gid-min=1000]"
auth = "|AUTH|"

root@OpenWrt:/etc/ocserv# vi /etc/sysctl.conf

added this line
The manuals are sparse and I don't know where I should copy the certificat to, so I tried all possible entries in the client.

The logs of the client talks about XML response has no "auth" node

I'm running 18.06.1 SNAPSHOT r8689-5beedcd on a Dir-860-B1.

Can somebody help me to troubleshoot this?

Kind regards,
Guy F