Openconnect client allows access(ping) but unable to resolve dns names

I am working to setup my openwrt device to automatically connect to my corp VPN server. re: VPN on demand

I have openconnect vpn working and can connect to the corp network but I am unable to resolve DNS requests from the openwrt device. (I have not attempted to access the VPN from a client of the openwrt device - I'm assuming I need to get this working first - please correct me if I'm mistaken)

I could put the many entries I access is a hosts file but I thought it would be possible (and preferred if internal IPs were to change) to be able to resolve them.

If I connect a different device (MacOS) directly to the corp VPN, I am able to resolve DNS, so the VPN server is capable. How can I get my openwrt openconnect client to do likewise?



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