OpenConnect 8.0

Is there any news or plan about the new version of openconnect for openwrt?

the new version support globalProtect VPN now.

  • **[OpenConnect v8.02] — 2019-01-16

    • Fix GNU/Hurd build.
    • Discover vpnc-script in default packaged location on FreeBSD/OpenBSD.
    • Support split-exclude routes for GlobalProtect.
    • Fix GnuTLS builds without libtasn1.
    • Fix DTLS support with OpenSSL 1.1.1+.
    • Add Cisco-compatible DTLSv1.2 support.
    • Invoke script with reason=attempt-reconnect before doing so.
  • **[OpenConnect v8.01] — 2019-01-05

    • Fix memset_s() arguments.
    • Fix OpenBSD build.
  • **[OpenConnect v8.00] — 2019-01-05

    • Clear form submissions (which may include passwords) before freeing (CVE-2018-20319).
    • Allow form responses to be provided on command line.
    • Add support for SSL keys stored in TPM2.
    • Fix ESP rekey when replay protection is disabled.
    • Drop support for GnuTLS older than 3.2.10.
    • Fix --passwd-on-stdin for Windows to not forcibly open console.
    • Fix portability of shell scripts in test suite.
    • Add Google Authenticator TOTP support for Juniper.
    • Add RFC7469 key PIN support for cert hashes.
    • Add protocol method to securely log out the Juniper session.
    • Relax requirements for Juniper hostname packet response to support old gateways.
    • Add API functions to query the supported protocols.
    • Verify ESP sequence numbers and warn even if replay protection is disabled.
    • Add support for PAN GlobalProtect VPN protocol (--protocol=gp).
    • Reorganize listing of command-line options, and include information on supported protocols.
    • SIGTERM cleans up the session similarly to SIGINT.