Openconnct VPN


Im trying to use this guide to set up OpenConnect VPN on OpenWrt 18.06.1 r7258-5eb055306f

I've had lots of trouble with OpenVPN, etc, and it wiping out my router. I have a guest network SSID that my neighbor uses, and don't want to have to start that all over again as well.
having some troubles.

  1. In the LuCI web admin, I do have the OpenConnect service page show up, after installing it, and rebooting. But I can't seem to add the DNS, routes, nor users, the boxes to do so seem missing.

  2. Using the command line, I can set the DNS, and I don't really need route do I? I saw it in the config file, but its not mentioned in the tutorial so I commented it out. Tried to add users with the ocpasswd -c ocpasswd [user] command (in /tmp/etc/) , but the Cisco Anyconnect client on iOS doesn't ever authenticate, so I can't test anything beyond that.

What am I missing?