Open vpn setup on OpenWrt

Ok here is what I want to do.. I have a openvpn gateway setup on my home router. Latest opensense build on a full PC. Its also set as a redirect gateway. I do travel alot for my job. (In some cheap hotel's) I have a older linkeys wrt1900ac I'm not using at this time. Is it possible to get opnwrt on it (as of now its got ddwrt) and have a openvpn. Configuration on it to access my home router. It still must be able to access all my home servers and redirect my outbound traffic. I'm just tired of having to have openvpn client's all all my devices. I.E. phone laptop firestick. All the stuff I've read seems to only apply to paid vpn services. Oh and will i be able to have the opnwrt router pick up the hotel Wifi and broadcast my openvpn secured Wifi. If possible please post a link. Thanks for reading my long crappy post. Sonny

If I read your post properly, you’re asking about a router to bring with you while traveling that sets up a seamless tunnel back to your home between and out to the internet.

Yes. Totally possible and should work with your device. Alternatively, You might want to consider a dedicated travel router that is supported by OpenWRT. Something like the the TP-Link TL-WR902AC is tiny and works well.

Here is an article that describes your generalize case to get you started.

Sorry linksys 1200ac.

Ok looks like I've got some reading to do on the documentation. Now on to the next part. Will my linksys wrt1200 be able to have one antenna grab the hotel Wifi and the other send my Wifi. I've seen it done but with a Wifi pineapple. I want to buy one but would like to use the equipment I already own.

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