Open VPN error: Insufficient permissions to read UCI configuration

Hi all,

I am setting up some Express VPN OVPN files on my openwrt router...I installed the OpenVPN packages etc, and I uploaded the config file from ExpressVPN with no problems. The problem is when I press 'edit' next to the file to add the password/user etc, it won't allow me to save giving me an error of: Insufficient permissions to read UCI configuration.

I setup some VPNs in Feb of this year in the same way, without any issues.

This is a new install of OpenWRT that I installed today on a new router...wondering if that might be the issue? It is a Linksys WRT3200ACM...I have 3 others of this same router already, all running OpenWRT with no issues.

What is the output of ls -la /etc/openvpn /etc/config/openvpn ; uci export openvpn ?

If it is version 21.02, take a look at this thread.


Add the whole .ovpn-config file in /etc/config/openvpn, in this case you can set all options in the file. Create separate file with your credentials.

Thank you! This fixed it! Appreciate all of you helping

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