Open Sitara AM437x Openwrt FrameBuffer


I have a Sitara AM437x. I want to run Qt project on OpenWRT. I added Qt libraries with a makefile. But I can't active the framebuffer.

My "kernel_menuconfig" (Device Drivers --> Graphics Support --> Frame Buffer Devices --> ) setting like this:

<*> Support for frame buffer devices --->
[ * ] Framebuffer foreign endianness support --->
[ * ] Enable Video Mode Handling Helpers
[ * ] Enable Tile Blitting Support

<> Userspace VESA VGA graphics support
> OpenCores VGA/LCD core 2.0 framebuffer support
< > Epson S1D13XXX framebuffer support
< > SMSC UFX6000/7000 USB Framebuffer support
< > Displaylink USB Framebuffer support
< > Framebuffer support for IBM GXT4000P/4500P/6000P/6500P adaptors
< > DA8xx/OMAP-L1xx/AM335x Framebuffer support
< > Virtual Frame Buffer support (ONLY FOR TESTING!)
< > E-Ink Metronome/8track controller support
< > E-Ink Broadsheet/Epson S1D13521 controller support
< > AUO-K190X EPD controller support
[ * ] Simple framebuffer support
<*> Solomon SSD1307 framebuffer support

But "/dev/fb0" not created. How can I fix this? How can I active FrameBuffer on OpenWrt for Sitara AM437x?

I'm not seeing either "Sitara" or "437" on the list of supported devices for OpenWrt.

Why do you think you're running OpenWrt on the device and using an OpenWrt build system?

I have only this device. Is it impossible to do that? C program and Qt console application work perfectly.

I've chosen the target system TI OMAP3/4/AM33xx. Is it irrelevant to the Am437x?