Open Ports Not opening and dmc help?

So to start off, i am not to familiar with how to set up dmz or networking,But i am trying to get my xboxs ports open through wifi. I forward all the ports it needed including alternitive ports it might need but they never open. I have this isssue with pc ports as well, where some ports refuse to open (and because of it i have a port forward list that seemss to be getting longer day by day. So i had followed a guide to create a vlan10 + dmz rules for the xbox to connect to, but it does not seem to get any internet connection.

Not sure where to begin, or even what to provide in order to recieve some guidence. End goal for me is to have open ports on xbox as im having a hard time connecting to people and download speed vs what i get is abismal ( my phone on the same wifi getting 10x the speed)

This forum is intended for users of OpenWRT. Do you have a device which is running OpenWRT?

yes, i do currently on dc502wrt last build for 1900v2. But i think i stumbled upon a lot of my issues and it has to deal with upnp not being compatible, some one recenlty uploaded a build with the new libraries that im testing out now.

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Not sure how to close this thread, i ended up Doing a Fresh install to a newer firmware by another dev. Fixed most of my issues

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