OnVif and OpenWrt?

Hi, I have some questions about OpenWrt:

1.OpenWrt is basically Linux headless PC?
So i could instal custom software/service on it?

  1. https://github.com/KoynovStas/onvif_srvd
    This Linux OnVif service from git-hub repo could be installed as custom package on OpenWrt? (if you have know how)

  2. Is there any limitation in OpenWrt software that I could not run OnVif services only on WAN interface of router instead of LAN? (Rutter would behave as IP Camera, It would provide RTSP service on 554 port and OnVif service on port 80 and 443)

  3. Is there any active OpenWrt project which turn router to IP PTZ camera? I have seen that there is a lot of support for USB cameras in OpenWrt (Video4Linux2)

  4. Is there any active project to turn router with OpenWrt to NDVR(Network Digital Video Recorder)?

Make sure to check system requirements.
Your device must be powerful enough to handle the task.
Otherwise it's pointless.

This is the bare minimum you need to study: