Only my PC has no internet access... to certain services

I have a very strange issue with this dusty old router (TP-Link WR-1043ND v2.1) that I installed OpenWRT on.

When I turn on my PC, I can access google and only some websites. I can log into steam, but not view the steam store. The router config page says Connection Refused. I can ping the router.

However, after some time, everything works.

All other devices in my network have no problems.

What could be the problem? Is it an antivirus/firewall issue on my pc?

check the uptime of the router, I'm suspecting OOM errors.

Oh wait.. IPv6 works but IPv4 doesn't. I can ping websites using IPv6, but not with IPv4.

Okay, It's Kaspersky Free that is causing the problem. I uninstalled it. Case closed and thank you @frollic.

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