Only DSL LED blinks on AVM 3490 after attended sysupgrade

after auto-sysupgrade to the latest snapshot version ive just see the DSL led blinking 2 times ... box seems not coming up anymore. what did this code means and how to fix it?

thx a lot

Recover to AVM factory image with their recovery tool and start with OpenWRT releases, 23.05.3 is a good thing.

3490 has only got supported recently, so only snapshot available at the moment.

do you mean attended sysupgrade?

the only meaning I can find - there is a problem :confused:
not sure what went wrong.
you can always recover using the OEM recovery tool and reinstall.

I can try the latest snapshots with my 7490 in the next couple of days.
the devices are very similar.

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AFAIK 23.05.3 not yet supporting 3490&7490

correct :wink:

Will try and report. Not sure if this was an issue with attended sysupgrade or something the nightly ... one more thing I did was copying the usb fw, but guess this wasn't the reason.

THX at lot.

What did you use the USB for? Not something like extroot, I hope :slight_smile:
You might want to add the USB firmware file location to /etc/sysupgrade.conf for it to survive a sysupgrade.

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Not yet at all ^^ (just copied over the file, than did the attended sys upgrade) ... plan was just testing some usb WIFI sticks. THX for the hint... so this can't be the issue, cause it was removed on upgrade :wink:

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Attended sysupgrade / auc is something else, you do t see any file to copy.
Please provide image you used to manually brick your router.

the usb firmware didn't brick it. Sadly I didn't remember which snapshot attended sysupgrade choosen. The one which where available yesterday :wink:

ATM im back on stock. But I do not mange to boot into ADAM2 ... I remember last time I used a script from freifunk, cause why ever didn't work.

Finally, I've managed it with ... didn't used this last time, but no matter.

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this is interesting, because I had the same issue today with my 7490.
after running the AVM recovery tool on it, the does not seem to work.
before that, I flashed several Fritzboxes with the script - no problem.

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So you also run into a "bricked" box after unattended sysupgrade?

At least on windows, halting the box in EVA with the power script worked. Ive tested Windows and OSX.

Not yet. I'm working on the bricking part. :slight_smile:
I couldn't install OpenWrt to test my hypothesis.

EDIT: Now I've managed to install a snapshot I had laying around from a couple of weeks ago (r26340-9bdaebaff3) and then successfully did the attended sysupgrade to todays snapshot (r26445-4f078bf377).
No issues, at least with my 7490.

Is it Micron or "everything else" ... if I remember correct, mine had Toshiba flash.

Yes, mine has Micron flash.

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