Only certain IPs/MACs on OpenWRT Router

I posted this on the ZeroTeir fourm. I have a GL-iNet Spitz AX running (GL-iNet)OpenWRT. It’s using a ATT plan which only has SD streaming, so I want to use my home internets connection (defualt route already setup). I have ZeroTeir installed and running on the router, but I was wondering if I can set only certain MACs or IPs to use the default route on the router. I only want TVs and other streaming devices to use the defualt defualt route.

Are you using Openwrt (official) or the gl-inet stock firmware which is based on openwrt?

I’m using the stock firmware.

In that case, you should ask this question on the gl-inet forums.

The reason is simple -- gl-inet provides firmware that is "based on" OpenWrt, but is actually quite different and therefore requires knowledge of the specific changes and operational characteristics of their version.

If you install the official OpenWrt, we can help you here, but I don't think that version is officially supported by OpenWrt.


With official OpenWrt it takes a bit of manual configuration to use Zerotier as the default route. It is possible to do what you want by adding the policy based routing package, I don't know if that is included in the GL firmware.

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I was able to install the frr-pbrd package. Is that the correct one?

if you're still on the gl.inet fw, how would we know ?