(Online) upgrade from LuCI

Isn't it about time to allow the direct online upgrade from LuCI, hopefully also with a notification when a new release is available?

I mean since that will be on devices already running OpenWrt, it already knows what model and revision it's, and should know where to look. I understand there can be occasional changes in the targets or so, so the location can change, but there can be a file on the server that the router can query to find out where to download OpenWrt upgrade from.

It would probably be a good opportunity to integrate the feature of showing the user what packages to be re-installed, etc (if the user wants to keep them), or otherwise probably delete their config files (that will be basically all config files that are not required by packages that are kept.

So, to summarise, this is how I think an upgrade process should, ideally, work:

    • User logs in to LuCI.
    • If user previously consented, OpenWrt checks the server for a new release.
    • If a new release is found, the user is notified. If agreed to upgrade, the user is taken to the upgrade page.
    • The user is presented, in addition to info about the new release, a list of the packages that will be lost and gone the option to re-install them.
    • For packages that are reinstalled, the user should have the option to keep old config or new ones.
    • Config files of packages that aren't to be reinstalled can be optionally deleted.

I think this should inform and encourage people to keep their system updated. It would require lot of development work, but it's work that will prove very helpful for the growing number of the users.


if you simplify 4.5 ( i.e. if we hypothetically choose a binary re-install-user-packages [yes|no] )... it is not that much work...

@adrianschmutzler 's work with the config-versioning/update compatibility is a godsend to this process... and heaps of work is/has been done on the backend... lets hope the forest manifests trees...