Online status?

Is there an add-on or some kind of script/config file that can tell us if a device is connected to the network?

I would like to know when a device connects to my network, and disconnects. Preferably with time frames if possible.

What's your definition of being online?

Modern battery powered (and even wired) devices tend to sleep aggressively, not that the router isn't necessarily in the loop about that question (devices connected to a switch might talk to each other without much interaction with the router).

My thought was maybe an application that can recognize that the device is active on the network or maybe pingable?

I'm not too concerned about the device going to sleep. Most of my devices are set to hard down, with no network activity to wake up the device.

Well , you can use the LuCI statistics ping module, once you install collectd-mod-ping .
You can configure it to ping your device.
Note that it will show exact data only for a day and then summarises data for longer periods. If you need exact log, then you need something else.

Ah ok. So there is nothing within OpenWRT that does this natively?

Thanks! I wrote a ping script that grabs the clients and pings. I'll keep using that for now.

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