Online ImageBuilder and Upgrade Server

Amazing work, built my own firmware for very first time yesterday. You sir are awsome!!

@aparcar: I've made a thread about what can be changed in the default configuration to save space and RAM here: Discussion about what can be removed/disabled/shrunk in images

It may be useful for your users if you add the possibility to change them. Most of them are simple yes/no choices.

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Cool thanks, I'll have a look. I have no problem implementing the possibility to change the default config if it doesnt imply any security issues for the server side

Thanks for the notification, been offline lately. I just added the new release and the ImageBuilders are currently being downloaded and setup. All targets should be available within the next hour.

It is a bit strange that the versions 18.06.0 and 18.06.1 do not include inside the Luci profile, I thought that only snapshot lacked those packages in their respective profiles.

You're right and there is an issue aqui. But as I'm currently the only dev of chef and mainly want to improve the backend that fell a bit short. If anyone has some JavaScript skills I'd be happy for some help. If not I'll try to fis it within the next weeks

EDIT: sorry I misread the question initially. I'll add a button to install luci. However it is not installed by the image builders per default, but only on releases


Thank you. This is a great service!

I appreciate your advice on may issues in the openwrt community.

As it turns out – upgrading to 18.06.1 on wrt32x has complexity if router not on default, which I reported on the forum in the main installing/using section. however - your imagebuilder is working great. thank you.


Hi, I added a *flavor" field which allows to define a set of packages to install. Currently only Luci related, but the flavors are easily extendable, please have a look.

The server is doing well online, testing and working correctly, although I am also venturing and learning with the console. Thank you very much for your time.

Liking the new flavor feature, thanks :slight_smile:

Currently getting build errors for snapshot for OpenWrt for WRT32X?

Never had an issue building before is this something I have to correct or yourself? Thanks in advance.

Tried some other router model builds with snapshot, appears as all snapshot builds irrelavent of router are failing? JFYI.

Thanks for the feedback! I manually reset the ImageBuilder and it seem to work now, see here the created image. I'll have to fix the meta ImageBuilder script.

Thanks v much, appreciated.

Hi, I improved the garbage collector so it automatically removes outdated image requests. Meaning if a snapshot build fails one day, you can retry 24 hours later with a freshly downloaded snapshot.

I created some stats just as a demonstration what data could eventually be extracted from the server to get some additional insights. Feel free to request ideas for additional stat APIs.

As I reset the database just before the stats are somewhat boring. However feel free to create additional images and see how the stats change.

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Brilliant, thanks very much. Works perfect, just tried a snapshot build that had been failing with no issues. :trophy:

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@aparcar I have a suggestion about the web interface, rename the string Router Model to Device Model or something more generic, because OpenWRT has been running on non-router devices for a while, like the raspberry pi, and most/all devices of the sunxi and zynq targets


All right, done for English, now just a few other languages are missing :roll_eyes:

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I can help you with the Spanish translation.
I don't wanna make a pull request for such a small change, so here it is:

"tr-model": "Modelo del dispositivo"

Image builder seems to be completely offline at the moment.

Edit : back now :slight_smile: