Online ImageBuilder and Upgrade Server

@zorro, @aparcar -
is the no wireless interface issue related to k5 kernel and DSA vs swconfig? trying to learn. thank you-

I've just installed Attended Sysupgrade on my router but when I run search for upgrades it returns Upgrade server down or could not connect.

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Is chef.libremesh working?
With attended-sysupgrade i never get a response.


Hi, sorry the ImageBuilder used to download packages via HTTP and not verify any signatures, making them vulnerable :frowning: It will be fixed in the next release of OpenWrt and then I'll give ASU another spin.


I enabled the server again. Snapshots is currently saved via HTTPS and I'm working on usign verification. The 19.07.4 release is still insecure! I only enabled it because people want to test it with LibreMesh packages.


The front end image builders is the most useless thing openwrt community could come up with.

Thank you for your valuable feedback

I think the online image builder is the best thing for openwrt.
It enables users to get an own image with all the packages they individually need, without building openwrt for themselfs, which i think is a big waste of time and resources. I wish openwrt-devs will spend more time/resources in future on an (online) imagebuilder (with frontend). So maybe someday we even get a (official openwrt) automatic firmware-upgrade-thingi ...


Thanks for your sarcastic comment.

Are you serious? It's much faster and easier to use image builder locally.

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Yes i am serious ... to use imagebuilder locally first of all i need a linux x64 vm/machine.
Download the latest imagebuilder package for my arch.
Unzip ... make command ... downloading the needed packages ... jadajadajada ... yeah i know, i can write a script for that. ... backup router ... scp image to router and flash and pray.

With online image builder i just login to luci ... do a backup search update wait a bit and click on flash and pray... on my phone.

And in my statement i meant building openwrt with the buildroot.


i sincerely appreciate the help of this online community and particularly those like @apacar who have shared their resources widely.
i have used his online imagebuilder and it has been very helpful. it takes <5 min to get a downloadable image and sysupgrade file.
i have also built images locally. i am not a linux guru or devceloper and therefore have worked pretty hard with a lot of mis-steps and learning to get local image building to work. after many months, i might have gotten a build config that is sustainable. and because my local hardware is not super-fast (only i7/16gb ram/500 gb sata ssd) by today's standards, it takes about 30 minutes to step through the build process and get something done. unless there has been a substantial source update; then it might take 1-8 hours for a complete repository upgrade and re-make. the result is configurable highly but also labor- and time- intensive.

so - both approaches are worthwhile for differnt purposes and people. why bash either?
again, this community has been so helpful for so many things.
thank you


it offers an API (covered below) to request custom images with any selection of packages pre-installed


{"message":"Unsupported package(s): debian-archive-keyring","status":"bad_packages"}

Also the setup should not HTTPS to allow clients without SSL/certificates to check for upgrades

why is /store hardcoded in the luci app?

@apacar -
for your site, are there plans to add 19.07.5 as an option?

Matter of time.

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hello your latest user interface in your website can't install "luci" anymore in Snapshot it's weird but this is the first time i encounter this kind of problem i installed some packages it just works just fine except for "luci"

edit : it's ok now

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@apacar Is something going on with In attended-sysupgrade and on it just stays in "request image". Looks like* is not found.

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Hi, the setup uses partly the Python web framework Flask to handle API requests and partly Nginx to serve static content. Everything under /store is static. There is no particular reason it's store and not images or whatever.

Yes, sorry I've been a bit slacking regarding the updates. I also added 19.07.7 and 21.02-SNAPSHOTS, please give it a spin.

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