Online custom builder - can I replace libustream-wolfssl withlibustream-mbedtls?

Hi all

With the openwrt website's custom builder - can I replace libustream-wolfssl with libustream-mbedtls ?

No risk / danger?

No other packages required for this swap ?

Can ignore this thread

wolfssl is needed for luci-ssl it seems

Is it? Hijacking this thread.

I don't know, I used the firmware selector to create a custom build from the Master Snapshot (r22599), for some reason it uses mbedtls by default, I added luci packages including luci-ssl. The final build does not have wolfssl it has mbedtls, it seems to work fine, I would think if wolfssl is a dependency of luci-ssl it would install, but maybe because mbedtls was already there it didn't replace.

I'm a bit at loss if I should replace the mbed packages with wolfssl one if I'm going to add luci with luci-ssl and use wpa3 also.
Maybe someone who knows better can help.

Edit: I'll answer this myself like OP did, a recent change in luci-ssl replaced wolfssl for mbedtls (essentially reversing a previous change)