Onhub TP-LINK TGR1900 future support?

I think you just have to push the button on the bottom after it goes purple
it then boots the usb
if not it goes red and or orange
note do try other usb sticks

There no purple and orange "flashing mode" then push and hold for 15sec button in the bottom with the toothpick. Just blue color and 3-5 min later blinking red. Any usb stick will not help with it. I need flash dump from this chip, but nobody can make this dump. Tp link says its Google bussines and Google says its Tp link problem. Wonderful support

blue tells me you are not in debug mode
you need to get into debug and make it purple
follow video

I can back this device due to it being 1.5V or 1.8V
if the board was 3V I could

I saw this video. Device can not enter to this mode( Only red blinking. This chip back on 1.8V i made dump of corrupted flash by ch341 programer with 1.8V adapter


Did you try the new repository by bnorris which fixes the single cpu issue? I attempted to compile an image but ran into some errors. Your image is working well on my TPLink onhubs but I cannot seem to get mesh working even after using the non ct firmware. Thanks to bnorris and you for your efforts

Made two builds, if you want to try, a CT and non-CT version. The config.buildinfo files are included so you can see what is in each one. Both are tested to boot and work on my TP-Link OnHub. It is humorous to me that I uploaded them to google drive. Your config will not be saved even if you check the box, so make sure to download a back-up config before flashing.


Thank you. Much obliged. Will try it out

Works Perfectly. Thank you very much

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Do the builds work on both the TP-Link and Asus models? Are they different enough that they require separate builds? I have a mesh that is made up of both that I am going to try to migrate.

They use different dts so yes.

it's weird still no snapshots ?

For the new (sub-)target to be recognized, manual interaction from a developer (restarting the buildbots) is needed - that depends on someone with access and familiarity about the details to get to it.

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Does that happen on a schedule or does someone need to be notified?

Probably need to notify someone. I'll do that after I address some fstools issues: I guess I "broke" (by fixing a bug) some other devices (see partname: Introduce fstools_partname_fallback_scan option), so we need another patch before OnHub support will be working correctly again. There's little point enabling snapshot builds without that. With luck, I'll have time for that tonight.

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That makes sense. I was getting an error today involving fstools trying to make a build. Thanks for pushing on with the development!

SO NICE WORK for extending the lifetime of onhub. I wonder what should I do to avoid frequently auto-reboot of them(both asus and tplink ones, with no-CT firmware because of Mesh support). :joy:

What do you mean auto-reboot? Is the whole system crashing, or just the wireless? If the system is crashing, there's likely some kind of kernel panic or similar. You'd have to provide more info though, since I've never seen that.

Can you get a shell (SSH) and paste the output of these somewhere?

cat /sys/fs/pstore/console-ramoops*
cat /sys/firmware/log

I want to echo this. So far I have 3 devices working in mesh with no issues at all. Stability has been great, performance is solid. You guys have saved my family a couple hundred dollars, I really appreciate your work!

Auto-reboot: I mean some of the OnHubs(whole system) automatically reboot without my order. I guess it's crashing but I have no clue.

logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17nWueRrkUVyQ7Z7zusvdkN4WpNoMn-GQ/view?usp=sharing