OnePlus/Oppo Router (CTD05) with snapdragon x65

Not sure where to put this question but,
I want to unlock and modify the OnePlus hub 5g router (which appears to be the same model as the oppo cpe t2 router) to be able to use telnet/ssh, and also work on building openwrt firmware, where do I begin with this?
I have tried telnet/ssh it doesn't connect.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

I've moved this into For Developers.

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Thanks for the quick response appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Also is it possible to connect this particular router using a serial/com port, if anyone else has this particular router I'd appreciate some info

Can anyone help me figure out the test points, Here's the picture of the PCB front and back

Nothing stands out as a uart header, if one exists I suggest it is hidden somewhere under the heat sinks and rf shields

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I see, I will try to see if i can pry them open somehow, but this looks difficult