OnePlus connection problems

Hi everyone

I'm working on a little WiFi web server with the Onion Omega, not connected to the internet.

I've tried some different smartphones, Samsung, Oppo, Apple, OnePlus...
I tried 3 models of OnePlus, they all cannot reach the web page when the onion doesn't bridge the WiFi hotspot to the internet.

I'm using the 18.06.5 Onion firmware.

Thank you all

Most phones test the connection, and will reject an access point if they cannot reach internet. If my memory serves me right, there is a "fakeinternet" package to solve this.

That could be the solution. Any idea about the name?


Yes, "fakeinternet" is the name.

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Well… I fell very stupid, I've searched for "fakeinternet" and related words all day and now I found it just searching for "OpenWrt fakeinternet".

Thank you very much Edu.

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