One WiFi for LAN with the possibility of transferring to LAN2

I have two networks on my computer with openwrt, but only one accesspoint (router with one Wi-Fi connected to openwrt by eth cable). Is it possible that if a device connects to Wi-Fi, openwrt will automatically assign that device to the LAN and if I want, I can move it to lan2?

Is your AP running OpenWrt or another VLAN aware firmware (such as vendor firmware like Unifi, Omada, etc.)?

Tp-link Archer AX1500 with stock firmaware

I'm not familiar with the capabilities of the vendor firmware for that device, but given that it is a consumer device (vs business/enterpirse), chances are that it is not vlan aware. So the answer is no, you won't be able to do that. You need an AP that is VLAN aware to do what you want.

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Can you recommend me something cheap that will work with this?

Almost any AP or all-in-one wifi router that can run a recent version of OpenWrt can support VLANs and multiple SSIDs. In fact, you can even have a single SSID + multiple passwords and it can connect to the appropriate VLAN based on the password used.

For discussions about hardware that is supported by OpenWrt:

And you can also refer to the Table of Hardware:

Also, business class APs like Ubiquiti Unifi and TP-Link Omada (as well as other brands that service that sector) will almost always have VLAN aware capabilities in the vendor firmware, even if they can't run OpenWrt.

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Can I buy ASUS PCE-AX1800 and mount it on my openwrt machine? Will this work?

Depends on the card it's based on.