One router few access points with each on diffrent channel

How do I do so on one lede router archer c7 v2 lets say I have 5.0 ghz network card I can have diffrent SSIDS on diffrent channels ?
Right now I can configure multiple SSIDS but when I change channel on any of them the configuration is copied to other SSID as well so they overlaps the channel and all are on the same channel which is not good for WI-FI.
Is there something that I can do do avoid this behaviour?

This is not possible... Attach a good usb wifi dongle with a well supported chip to use two different channels on your C7v2.

Can you recommend me anything good?

Sorry i donĀ“t have any experience with usb wifi dongles and linux...
Seems that the RTL8812AU chipset is good supported...

But search in the forum or with google for a usb dongle that is well supported by linux and does support ap mode.

With used Archer C7 v2 units running US$40 or less, I'd recommend just buying one unit for each channel you wish to cover and configuring them as "dumb APs".

I would like to avoid that, is RTL8812AU supported in latest lede?