On Demand Iptable update & DNS refresh

Kia Ora,

I was not sure if this goes here or in Development...

I currently run an iptables cmd just after boot, in the space provided by the GUI on 18.06. This works fine however if there are any updates to the routing I have to reboot the router to update the iptables and refresh the DNS.

What I would like to do is have a cmd/script that I can update iptables & refresh DNS without having to reboot the router - ideally from my non-rooted Android phone.

Any help would be appreciated.



PS.. I am a novice so please type clearly and slowly. Ta.

"hotplug" events are likely what you want to use to catch changes. See, for example, https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/base-system/hotplug_lede

Cheers, Jeff.
That looks the ticket. I'll post back on my progress.

Glad you got it working...but to troubleshoot for others in the future - in which space on the GUI did you place it?

  • Firewall Custom Commands
  • Scheduled tasks
  • or Startup

(Make sure you were using Firewall Custom Commands section.)

I was not initially using Network > Firewall > Custom Rules - did not know this was there (amateur!). I had put my command in the System > Start-Up, Local Startup section; which was working fine except it required a reboot to update the iptables.

By moving he command to the custom firewall section, I see I can just restart the firewall to update the iptables, however does that stop all traffic while the firewall restarts? Or am I exposed somehow?



Firewall is flushed and reloaded. Since the firewall is flushed, there are no rules, therefore no exposure.

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