Сompile failed

Looks like it's failing on the "update" step when (printed for debug from within the perl script in update_index($))

make -s -f include/scan.mk IS_TTY=1 SCAN_TARGET="packageinfo" \
SCAN_DIR="feeds/redsocks2" SCAN_NAME="package" \

is executed
(I've never looked into just what this is)

OK, I've cloned the repo with the package files into ./package/openwrt-redsocks2

openwrt/package$ git clone https://github.com/aa65535/openwrt-redsocks2 

and it's showing up in make menuconfig (and removed feeds.conf). My apologies if this has sent you down a frustrating path. Trying a build now.

 make[2] -C package/openwrt-redsocks2 download
 make[3] -C package/openwrt-redsocks2 compile
 make[2] package/install
 make[2] target/install
 make[3] -C target/linux install
 make[2] package/index
 make[2] checksum

Looks like it's working! Shows in the .manifest as well.

Might want to look into https://github.com/semigodking/redsocks to see if that is more up-to-date for source than the package file's reference, but let's get at least one built!

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