Omnia and OpenWrt performance

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I have a Turris Omnia latest revision. After failing countless times in the installation of OpenWrt finally with the last snapshot I managed. Always following the same procedure method 1 of the official OpenWrt guide. After configuring everything in a very basic way (pppoe, standard firewall, 5GHz and 2GHz wifi with 2GHz guest WLAN, sqm with cake and piece of cake) I did some speed tests. First with ethernet cable to a quad core PC with 16 GB of RAM and NVMe disk and all other disconnected devices.
Then with WiFi on 5GHz and the same PC with WiFi card Atheros QCA9377 and then with smartphones with Snapdragone 835 with declared peak speeds of download of 867 Mbps.
In the cable test I reach the download speed of 840 Mb/s in download, very close to the maximum declared by my ISP (900 Mb/s). In WiFi, with stock antennas 3 meters away without obstacles, I reach 200 Mb/s; with Linksys WRT004ANT antennas I reach 305 Mb/s.
Since I also own a Linksys WRT3200ACM, I can make a direct comparison.
With Linksys on the same tests, with cable I always reach speeds between 900 Mb/s and 905 Mb/s. 5GHz WiFi download speed of 570 Mb/s.
On Omnia the speed degrades very quickly if I move around the house (120 square meters, single floor, thin walls), going down to a minimum of 120 Mb/s.
On Linksys the speed drops to a minimum of 300 Mb/s.
I would like to understand if it can depend on OpenWrt. Is it pinically supported on Omnia (apart from colored LEDs, sfp, and switches) or is something missing that does not make full use of its power? Or are the Atheros cards not the top (they are not provocative questions)?
The Linksys has Marvell wireless cards, with known closed source firmware issues, but it seems to have more consistent performance.
For the two devices the processor is identical, RAM and ROM are irrelevant in terms of speed.
If anyone has an Omnia and OpenWrt currently installed let me know his impressions and experiences.

Please, avoid electronics or physics or engineering lessons.

Well, I won't go into a lesson, but I will say that a major part of the performance of a wireless system is the antennas. Another aspect is that the WRT3200 has high power output and is set to that fixed high level.

Did you test the speeds before flashing OpenWrt? Did they degrade after flashing OpenWrt?

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Before flashing OpenWrt the performance was quite similar, although slightly better (in the order of 50 Mb/s). I was hoping that with linux 4.19.x and updated Atheros drivers it could improve, instead we are there or slightly below. Any suggestions?