OM2P-HS V2 Unable to connect after loading OpenWRT

Hello all,
Fairly new here and want to start using an OpenMesh OM2P-HSv2. I have tried several versions of the firmware from 21-23 with the same results. There are 2 eth ports on the device, one near and one away from the power. Based on the lights of the unit, the one near is the WAN and the one far is the LAN. I was not able to use the AP51-flash utility as I got an error "is of type 'OM2P' that we have no image for" every time but was able to use open-mesh-flash-ng which seems to be the same or similar program. I was able to load the OpenWRT firmware with it, but am unable to access the device after. I have tried getting DHCP from both ports (no address assigned), I have tried a static address of and tried accessing on http, https, telnet, and ssh from both ports, no response. The only way I have been able to get a response from the device is by plugging it in and providing it a DHCP address, which either port will take one and then I am able to ping the device (not on 1.1, but on it's DHCP address). However, I get a "connection refused" from SSH and telnet when trying to connect to that address.

Is there some other secret handshake needed?

What file did you flash (what is the exact filename)? There is a Kernel and a Sysupgrade. You should probably be sending the kernel first, and then performing a sysupgrade after that.

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and lastly, I've tried the snapshot version:

I read about not doing an "upgrade" first, so I have not tried those.

Side note to add: When DHCP is acquired by the device, the WLAN light turns red. I have 3 of the devices and have experiemented with 2 of them and get the same result. These were also recently decommissioned from a production network, so they were operating before (with stock firmware, not OpenWRT). I also see a hidden SSID, but don't know what the network name would be to try to connect to (not the config it had from the production network).

BTW, snapshot doesnt have a web GUI by default.

This sounds like you're plugging into the WAN port with the firewall enabled, instead of the a LAN port. Try using a LAN port.

BTW, OpenWrt's WiFi is disabled by default on initial install.

I am aware, thats why I tried it last.

As mentioned, I have tried both, and they both respond in the same manner

I've discovered why I can't get to the interface, but not a solution. The AP51-flash utility just gives the error "is of type 'OM2P' that we have no image for when using the command "ap51-flash.exe 6 openwrt-22.03.5-ath79-generic-openmesh_om2p-hs-v2-initramfs-kernel.bin". I thought I was able to make it work with the OEM utility called "open-mesh-flash-ng.exe" but after looking closer to the output, it was providing an "embedded" firmware rather than the provided file, so I'm guessing that the OEM firmware was being loaded instead.

I'm still left with the problem that the OpenWRT firmware is not loading. Is there a different application for loading the firmware?

have you seen;a=commit;h=f096accce26bc46831e859ccd40b3f88e404cc7e ?

I hadn't seen that specifically, but I had seen other mentions of a serial console option but I don't understand what that entails as my experience with serial consoles does not include TFTP and IP addresses.

Many sites list this as compatible, and that it should work with AP51-flash. I was able to load other firmwares that were setup for Tanzan and Altiwi, but those services did not meet my needs as Altiwi looks abandoned and Tanzan doesn't support mesh or WLAN uplink (which I need to use a pair of these for a wifi bridge). So those .bin files loaded fine, but the OpenWRT does not.

That's probably easy to solve, since it appears to be using U-boot,
and you got the knowledge you need right here, at the forum, all you
need to do is ask.

Then you need to check the serial output, see if the flash process throws any errors.

As the application returns "...we have not image for" there is no indication that an attempt to go through the process and therefore would be no related output from the device. I have not been able to find any documentation on AP51-flash that might shed some light on other arguments that might be used to change this.

Compared a working and a failing flash ?

I have no successful OpenWRT flashes. It's hard to say that they fail since they never actually start.

I mean any flash, not only openwrt.

I have no failing flashes, the ones that actually start succeed.

so compare them ?

Can you explain your thought process? My issue is that OpenWRT doesn't attempt to flash. I'm not sure what you want me to compare when there is nothing to compare to.

i get the same issue - perfectly working ap51 flash and the suggested openwrt image file

Error - can't write to pcap socket
[ac:86:74:xx:xx:xx]: is of type 'OM2P' that we have no image for
[20:6a:8a:xx:xx:xx]: is of type 'redboot' that we have no image for