Old style openwrt theme?

Is there any chance of the LEDE 17.01.x version of the OpenWRT.org theme being brought back? I liked the primary navigation options being at the top of the screen vs on the side, as well as some other differences in the appearance. Perhaps it could be called "Retro" or "OpenWRT Retro" or even "LEDE?"

You can install the package luci-theme-openwrt and switch themes in luci->system->language and style->design

I'm referring to the Luci "OpenWRT.org" theme from LEDE 17.01.x. Also, the theme available now, while similar, has noticeable changes.

This is not planned.

Darn. Maybe someone can make a guide on how to alter the current one than. Thanks for the answer.

Modifying the themes are fairly easy and straight forward, as almost all content and layout options are in the

  • If editing, I'd recommend a cross platform coding editor that syntax highlights, such as Atom or VScode.
    • If wanting to alter colors, I prefer Color Picker as a RGB <-> Hex converter

I think it's going to be a bit more involved than that. Looking at the old files vs the new files for the theme, the HTML generated is different as well.