OLD D-Link 2100ap


today my friend give me old dwl-2100ap I saw this Ap work with Openwrt (out of the box), but it's very old and I can''t find last 10.03.1-rc4. Where can I download it?



From the device info page, a few things can be determined:

  1. The device is ancient
  2. It only has 4 MB flash + 16MB RAM -- it is not possible to run even 18.06 with only 16MB RAM. (I think you can run LEDE 17.01, but it is possible it would only support OpenWrt 15.05).
  3. the page doesn't show anything beyond OpenWrt 10.03.1-rc4, so it isn't entirely clear if it was included in anything later.
  4. All versions that could possibly run on this device are very outdated (end-of-life many years ago), unsupported, and have many security vulnerabilities - many of them actively exploited. These versions should not be active on any network (especially when connected to the internet) because they will compromise the integrity of the entire network's security.