Old (bigger) Version of Xiaomi AX6000 with OpenWrt

Hello Experts!

I have an old Version of the AX6000 (from 2021) = the bigger one.
and I tried to install OpenWRT with this kinda easy looking instructions on Openwrt.org.

But after the router login, when I try to install the vulnerable software version 1.0.48. or 1.0.60. I get a error message in chinese saying something like wrong version or upload error ...i guess.
Its not asking something "You really want to downgrade" and in the URL I can see and the end "/{token}/web/setting/upgrade".

I have 1.0.51. installed on the router.

Question: Is the tutorial maybe only for the newer AX6000, the smaler & slimmer version?

Thx for your help & sorry for my poor english :-/

Yes, these are two different devices with the same name. Redmi AX6000 has 4 antennas.

Hey darksky, thx for the super fast reply...

So that means there is noch OpenWrt for my older AX6000 device, right!?

Thx again

I do not see it: https://openwrt.org/toh/start?dataflt[Model*~]=ax6000

The original/ old ax6000 is ipq50xx based, for which there is no support at this point (neither for the device, nor the whole target/ SOC) - there is no one working on it either.