Okpg upgrade safeguards?

Yet another thread here where the OP first blindly followed instructions to use an opkg upgrade based script and then, even after being warned not do use the script, still believed that opkg upgrade was okay (but should just be run manually). Yes, documentation will help, but is there a technical means of protecting the user from themselves that is both reasonable in the amount of effort to implement and that doesn't make it too difficult to use the opkg upgrade feature when it is actually useful and safe? I agree that documentation is an important element here, but I still think that some technical measures could help, too For example, most modern desktop OSs don't expose their critical system files by default; sudo is necessary to make changes to said files when running as a normal user, etc. -- obviously these are more complex, big distros and it is possible for a user to bypass the protections (by design), but there are good reasons for these protections.

All that said, since I'm not a software developer and not a project leader, I'm not in a position to make or direct such changes. And I also don't have the knowledge to understand the ripple effects/risks of these changes anyway... I defer to those with the experience here. And I sincerely appreciate all the work that the dev teams put into this project!!