OKD'ed E8450 got a quick question

A little history....
I have (2) RT3200
(1) E8450

Flash progression over time on all (3)

OEM unsigned flashed to V1.0.3

via initramfs V1.0.3 flashed to kernel 5.xx. Life is good .. all is well.

via V1.0.3 flashed to V1.1.0 shortly after introduced.

via V1.1.0 flashed to kernel 6.1X. again Life is good all is well.

Several flashes later via LUCI System/Backup/Flash Firmware
I am now at SNAPSHOT r26300-da0cd9d764 kernel 6.6.30 on all three.
Life was good. All was well.

Today...one of the RT3200's won't boot.

Doing the freezer thing I can get one clean boot for each freeze session.
I can get one clean boot into SNAPSHOT r26300-da0cd9d764 or...
I can get one clean boot into recovery initramfs r25239 Kernel 6.1.78.

Because I can get a clean boot into either recovery Kernel 6.1.78 or
into SNAPSHOT r26300 Kernel 6.6.30 ,.... would this allow me to flash
V1.1.1 over V1.1.0 via initramfs r25239 Kernel 6.1.78 with the hope of
getting that last most recent tweek into the UBI bootloader?

Or do I need to go the serial connect route no matter what?