Oh speedsport, which to use/chose and is supported


I came onto Speedport Smart 3 and Speedport W921V. I'd like to use both, or just one with Openwrt. I've read a lot of threads with people saying Speedports are based on this or that chipset. But of these two, I can't seem to nail down precisely whether the current Openwrt will run on them, and if so which file, etc, to install and how. I'm lost, do help me find my way. With any and all information you may have, or know where to find.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot @frollic. It would seem I am out of luck on these two. Mi, oh, my! Perhaps someone else comes along who has cross-referenced one of them with the listed ones, and my luck turns :slight_smile: I'm hopeful!

That one looks at least like it can be used as VDSL modem with a bit of effort. (WiFi is impossible, we got no driver for Lantiq/Intel WAVE300 chips).

@ Daniel. Thanks a lot. Looks like I'm veering towards hopeless road, considering the contribution from a developer. I will keep this open for a few days, and if non other, close it. Thanks again @frollic