Official support for TP-Link Archer C60 (EU) HW V2.0?

Hello, I've joined this forum an hour ago and boy, am I absolutely amazed and in-love with the knit community this is.

I recently got my TP-Link Archer C60 (EU) HW v2.0 and was wondering about putting OpenWrt on it. I have a few questions and would be grateful if someone could take a bite at them.

  1. I see there is a Techdata page listed for this model at ( but the download link in the bottom of the sheet points towards a "generic" image. I've seen other routers that have dedicated pages with specific builds (such as this). Is this something to worry about? How exactly do "generic" images stack up against "specific builds"? Can I flash regardless?

  2. This is kind of non-related to the router in question but is the OpenWrt's wiki going to take a shapeshift by using the LEDE forum styled webpages? Am sorry if this has been asked before, there's just a treasure trove of information not easily visible to plain sight because of poor wiki design I believe, please understand I'm not trying to be critical or fault-finding. This is a feature we all deserve and I will be absolutely amazed if I can help with that part of this website.

I'm still new, so please don't shout :slight_smile:

Not generic at all, very specific c60-v2 is in the name

The generic refers to the build group others are tiny , nand and mikrotik


That must have been a pure oversight, my apologies. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Also, the styling of the wiki has been discussed in other threads.

I understand that it is a requirement to keep that styling for the LEDE/OpenWrt remerge. Feel free to search this forum for more information on that.

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