Official OpenWrt merchandise: T-shirt (phase 1/3, ideas)

With some delay in the news :frowning: , but a lot of illusion, here is the Openwrt range of garments on

Remember that when you buy, you're donating a part to Openwrt.

Thanks a lot to the community, kind regards,


forgive me if i'm doing something wrong ( i tend to be pretty thick when it comes to particulars )...

but there is no way to make a purchase?

select size > ok
select color > ok
shows price > then what?

You were able to click in the right upper corner. However, now there is this "working on online events...". :wink: I think we have to wait until Monday. :confused:

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can't complain about a human touch :wink:

while i'm here I sent an email to the address listed on this page;

pretty sure it has a speeling mistake... freerwear as opposed to freewear? as it got bounced...

Address not found
Your message wasn't delivered to because the domain couldn't be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

Love the Friends Don't Let Friends Run Vendor Firmware tee shirt. Could you make it please? I will buy even if it's dollar.

Would also buy straight up black OpenWRT hoodie, for more low profile look.

You can buy again at this store. :smiley:

1 Like are there any stickers yet to order?

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Hi Paul, just replied in the forum:

We believe that we'll be able to offer the stickers by the end of this month or early October. We will keep informed to the community.

Please for the love of linus please include an option for extra long/tall shirts. There's a lot of tall folks, myself am 6'5 feet of towering manlyness. probably want XXXXL and XXXXXL too for the big guys.

@ynezz Is there any more need to keep this topic open for collection of ideas?
I guess we are already beyond phase 1/3, aren't we?

We can only offer 4XL and 5XL t-shirts in black t-shirt, will be available soon. Unfortunately, in the other models, the manufacturers don't offer them. Are you guys going to go live again today or is the site talking about a different August 26th?


Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll be operative in a little while.
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-Ramón -

O ven., 26 de ago. de 2022 ás 19:27, Borromini via OpenWrt Forum (<>) escribiu:

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I will revive this thread.

  • There was a nice idea to have something on the back, but I could not see the conclusion even though there was a vote. I can see only the logo on the front. :frowning:
    • It is not bad at all, but is anything planned to be in EU or some shop that would not want the shipping cost the same as for a T-shirt or even higher?

They're in Spain or Portugal I believe. Quality of the t-shirt and hoodie I got feels solid. Shipping might seem pricey, but that's probably because we are spoiled by 'free' shipping offered by the big players messing up the market.