Official OpenWrt merchandise: T-shirt (phase 1/3, ideas)

Great idea! Let's also include the moderators on the forum, who do some heavy lifting to keep the discourse civil, and admins/major contributors on the wiki who make us look good to the outside world.


Now that GitHub is down, any updates on this? Should we just keep it simple for a first "test run" and have a simple plain shirt with Logo for the first round?

It's in progress, I've asked designer to start sketching the t-shirt design some time ago.

Should we just keep it simple for a first "test run" and have a simple plain shirt with Logo for the first round?


When You Can Use the OpenWrt Trademarks Without Asking Permission ?

  • You can make t-shirts, desktop wallpapers, caps, or other merchandise with OpenWrt trademarks for non-commercial usage.

So nothing prevents you or anyone else to do so already. One can simply take the PDF logo (or export the SVG) and send it to your nearby t-shirt producing service and you should get your t-shirt back few days later.


Great idea! I hope you'd also consider polo-shirts!

Looks great! I'll wait for the official shirts :slight_smile:


Hi, asked me to share their shirt ideas and would like to produce and sell them (incl. donation to the OpenWrt project).

Please share your thoughts.


@ynezz would you shar the design files of your previous two suggestions with If so please send them to me.

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I like the polo (9). New logo rocks.


Hello to the community,

With some delay that we regret, we present ourselves with the intention of collaborating with the project. We enclose some revised sketches with a new 'royal blue' t-shirt, a new printing simple in the back and a correction of a mistake in the sweatshirts and the polo shirt. We hope you like them and we will value your contributions!!

Thank you very much & kind regards :slight_smile:


I can't find the new design items on your web-site. This link: only shows old design shirt/hoodie.

Hi stangry,

No, they are not yet. In fact, they are being analyzed in this forum (contributions, suggestions ...) for their early incorporation Thank you !! :grinning:

We raise a fast survey to the community about the preference of printing or not the back of the polo shirts and sweatshirts. Thanks a lot for your collaboration.

  • With Print on Back
  • No Print on Back

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I like the dark blue #2 with the #4 print from the first proposal in the back.

The tagline is what makes these prints fun.

Thanks for your input, Borromini!!

We appreciate your collaboration, mbo2o.
Thanks a lot.

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I got my first sirt from freewear and it's great!:+1:


With some delay in the news :frowning: , but a lot of illusion, here is the Openwrt range of garments on

Remember that when you buy, you're donating a part to Openwrt.

Thanks a lot to the community, kind regards,


forgive me if i'm doing something wrong ( i tend to be pretty thick when it comes to particulars )...

but there is no way to make a purchase?

select size > ok
select color > ok
shows price > then what?

You were able to click in the right upper corner. However, now there is this "working on online events...". :wink: I think we have to wait until Monday. :confused:

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