Official D-Link DIR-882 support?

I'm relatively new to OpenWrt, having a long love/hate relationship with DD-WRT routers. It seems DD-WRT has gotten lost in the weeds as far as my interest is concerned.

I have installed a snapshot along with LuCI on my D-Link DIR-882 and have been extremely happy with it. It has honestly been the most solid router I have owned in the past 10 years. When can one expect an official release?

I ask for two reasons; 1) In my experience, the snapshot is very solid 2) I attempted to install OpenVPN server and realized that the kernel was not at a version which supported the opkg package. I haven't had time to figure out what I must do to build/compile whatever I have to do to make that work in the snapshot build, and frankly, I'm not sure I want to take on that task.... I have a local server with a docker container running my OpenVPN server right now, but it would be convenient to run it on my router....

Also, I understand OpenWRT is a community project and is done on volunteer time. I appreciate that very much. That said... Does anyone know when one might one expect an official release which would include the D-Link DIR-882?


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the library for the snapshot are only valid for a shot time
so you need to get the current snapshot for the current library to work
and it will only be able to add packages for a while
the next version has only just being branched so 21.02,xx
that's the first step but finally as lest some movement :slight_smile:
still a while off tho but I imagine 21.02.0-rc1 will show up soon

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the first snapshots on 21.02 have been compiled
tho the folder is hidden so not really released yet
but at lest then have luci in them

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Ooooh... Maybe I'll play with that this weekend. Thanks!

21.02.0-rc1 is now getting builds