OEM product need Friemware

Dear Friends

I have this OEM product ( it is based i think at Tplink Hardware ) , The attached picture showing the hardware details , I need to know wh

at is the firmware from other brads I can use it with this modem .

This site is for support using openwrt on various hardware devices. If you are after support with someone else’s firmware (tomato, DD, or something else) then you’ll need to contact them for help.

If you’re asking is there some other similar hardware to what you have and will the image for that device work on yours, you should be aware that’s fairly risky and may brick your device. Even if it does work, not being intended for it it’s probably going to have some issues.

This page https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_available_864 be helpful in your research for buying a device that is known to work with openwrt.


Thanks for your reply

Looks similar to this device https://ryan.com.br/blogs/quicktalk/2015/09/por-dentro-do-roteador-wi-fi-d-link-dsl2740e/

I think it is not running Linux. Too little RAM to run OpenWrt. Flash is also very small. Not good.

Find another device you can use, using the OpenWrt wiki page as said above.

...not that the SOC (Lexra LX5280) would be supported in the first place.