Odyssey SBC - Enable Wifi

I recently purchased a SeeedStudio Odyssey SBC to run OpenWRT on. I was able to install the software without issue and use it hardwired, but I cannot get the wifi to work. I'm sure it's simply user error so I'm looking for some help.

I've read through some of the documentation but everything I type into shell doesn't work. I think installed the correct wireless drivers through LuCI.

Any help would be welcome,
Thank you!

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Run iw list to see if you have a working wifi driver. It should return a bunch of info about driver capabilities. If it exits with no output there is no driver active. In that case you'd look at the bootlog for wifi related errors.

They don't say which wifi chip is used. Their documentation does mention that a BIOS setting can turn off the chip, so make sure it is turned on.

Once iw list shows that a driver is active and the chip has been found, remove any /etc/config/wireless file and reboot. This should generate a new /etc/config/wireless and make Network-->Wireless appear in LuCI.

okay, I checked bios, its enabled

ran iw list and get - -ash: iw: not found

x86 release builds don't include anything wifi related, so you will need to install the whole 802.11 stack: kmod-cfg80211, wireless-regdb, wpad, iwinfo, iw.

Got it - All installed

now iw list works, I get - nl80211 not found

I thought nl80211 had been deprecated out of recent kernels. What version are you running? Should be 19.07.3.

Thats what I'm running -

I restarted and now iw list shows nothing - I'll look through boot logs and see what I can find.

You still need a matching hardware driver for your hardware, check lspci for hints about it.

I know this is the chip - https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/product-briefs/dual-band-wireless-ac-9560-brief.pdf

That would suggest kmod-iwlwifi and ibt-firmware, I think. That said, don't expect AP mode to be usable on any intel wireless hardware (if you're lucky it might work on 2.4 GHz for channels 1-11, but 5 GHz is never going to work).

well it worked...but yeah I can't get it to connect to anything

Are there any solutions to this?

The question is what you're trying to accomplish.

STA (client-) mode should work fine, AP mode is not going to work (ever).


I'm not sure why but I'm not getting any data movement, not sure if its a firewall issue or what.
I'm not quite sure where to start..

Also, this SBC has two M.2 slots in it, so in theory I could put a better wireless card into it, what would you suggest for a really solid card?