[odhcpd issue] Unable to communicate with my ipv6 address served by isp modem

daemon.err odhcpd[3772]: Failed to send to myipv6address:redacted:::01%wan@veth5 (Operation not permitted)

is there anyway to fix this? please let me know if there is anything I can add to make this situation a bit more clear.. im having a rough time figuring out anything related to ipv6 and similar issue as people say to disable it but... unfortunately that is my main.... address being served

(as my country appears to not have any proper ipv4 addresses anymore)

What is veth5 ?
Doesn't sound like a regular NIC name.

virtual ethernet, as per the instructions via the mwan3 Link

asfaik regardless of switching the interface to the normal ethernet ports, the error remains the same.

From what I understood in other posts regarding the issue with odhcpd removing ipv6 seemed to fix this error, but im unable to do so as I will not have internet connection due to it being my primary link..

If there was anyway that someone has figured out a solution to get it to work properly as (as far as I can understand it adds up to 500ms-3000ms of delay as it tries to "fix" itself but im not sure if its dropping the packets)